Reviews for "Life in the Portal: Pico"

This is the beggining of a great era.

These 2 characters of yours are a big 'stereotype' of some people of newgrounds.
Teh Lazur wasn't necessary, here it's more used the AngryFaic.

Loved the animation, and how the other guy got first place for THAT. xD

Samination responds:

Hahaha. Yeah! You got it! Not sure how he won, but you get the idea. xD

dont talk bad about the pico.....

LOL the part with Tom got me


that was like SO fucking funny

Dear Sam...

I wish to say good work on another installment of the " Life in the Portal " i would want to say that these get better every time it being funny and well made. Good use of the Shoop Da Whoop gag. It's a shame that there will no longer be any more installments Of Life in the Portal i did see the Madness installment but at least the older submissions will still hang on. all that i wished and wanted to say i've got to today. I'd like if you could more more of these episodes but i'm not one to force and it would still be your choice if you'd want to continue on the episodes anyway

All the best- Yoshi


Man this series rocks

The winning Pico cartoon cracks me up every time I see it. Duur, duur, duur.