Reviews for "Life in the Portal: Pico"

cool man

rocks :D

lol ur funny

ur my new best friend XD

Twas perfection...

I give a ten anyway...you should do simdate jokes in your future ones. Some of those are just begging to be mocked.


that was crunk fo shizzle lol great art work better animation u made my day ty samuel t ty

Just as a note...

I don't normally review for big names like yourself, but the first time the shoop da whoop reference came on, Firefox crashed right in the middle of it. Whereas that would normally tick me off, it just made it about ten times as funny.

Anyway, since I'm here, I should probably just go ahead and say that I love your whole Flash formula. The irony in these cartoons that goes hand in hand with winning real awards on Newgrounds and the such. You always make Tom Fulp out to be some kind of idiot, but I'm sure he appreciates the joke.

The animation is always varied between the two characters and the "in Flash" "Flash". The voice acting is clear and crisp and the music almost always fits well with the scene.

This can be said for generally all of your toons following the same formula as this one. All in all you do an incredible job and make the Flashes witty and enjoyable. I was saddened to see in your Madness Day Flash something about it being the last one. I hope you will return to Newgrounds at some point. I want to see more of your work. Thank you.