Reviews for "Life in the Portal: Pico"


someone else who also thinks charlie the unicorn is a rip
off aqua teen hunger force. i like ATHF but i hate CTU.
this was great man! cock jokes always make first place round here...

Samination responds:

Honestly, that's what CTU reminds me of. (However, I think CTU is better than ATHF). But you have to admit his main character sounds and acts much like Karl.


Animation and voices were great, I watched the previous episode and thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

Intro got off a little bit slow, but the second half really pulled through, especially that tid bit of Tom Fulp at the end. Although I felt you could have done so much more with that Pico Flash. Anyways, very nice stuff, keep up the good work man.

tom fulp+lasers...

need i say more? keep the funny comin!

like looking in a mirror

im like the guy in this! i have no idea about flash culture, but know enough to appreciate refrences like at the end

nice one

hay like i asked last time is the little guy his brother and nice video