Reviews for "Life in the Portal: Pico"

awesome as always?

Yep, he did it again :3

the animation is smooth as always, and the sounds fit perfect.

good luck on the competition :)



Samination responds:

Where did you get that awesome image? :P

funny like hell

that was a stroke of genuis by it self he was all like dear newground i would like to learn more about pico - you have been banned by mindchamber. ah that point i fell of my seat i decided to stay down there beacuase i knew i would fall off again. anyways great flash and the ending was FTW hope to see more soon.

I loved it

It was hard not to think of Taco man everytime u spoke. But basically thats how everything thinks NG is. And it's not, but a lot of the time that dumb crap happens. Afterall the viewer that takes time to vote everyday has to be young and silly.

And dick jokes win the hearts of most young and silly people. This flashes humor won my heart with it's truth and refrence to Snorks.



next one should be bout the street fighter flash collab