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Reviews for "Life in the Portal: Pico"


Hahah The random moufblasts at the end made my laugh pretty damn hard.

Fulp you!! is poised to be the hit catch phrase of 2009, congrats

Samination responds:

My other favs include:

"If this was Youtube, it'd already be playing by now"

"You have been banned by Mindchamber." (While typing!!!)


Very good, the sound's not sinchronized as well tough :D, so i have to put a 9

Samination responds:

D: Don't tell me that!!


-He browses the videos and for the first page, nothing but mario, hentai, and mario hentai. XD
-He gets his work stolen on YouTube and notices he has 89 views on newgrounds, and the copy on YT has 9,000,001 views
-Make a complaint about how flash costs money, but Movie Maker is free


I thought it was pretty good, really funny (all do I didn't really get the joke about charlie the unicorn... )
the voices were also just as good, but I had this small problem, it seemed like the sound was coming before the animation (Or the animation is coming after the sound?).
Does that problem exist only on my PC?

Either way, good job!!

Samination responds:

That's odd... Anyone else having this problem? Works fine on my end.

Front page worthy

Just like the first one, very accurate, well animated and very good sound effects. Respect to the artists!