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Reviews for "Life in the Portal: Pico"

you have been banned by mindchamber


Very Good

Of all the spoofs that come to the porta, none have ever actually taken a serious shot at doing newgrounds. It was also nice to see the joke of people being banned from the portal.(maybe because I also got banned once as well.)

"Don't insult the Pico"

Don't abuse of the Shoop Da Whoop. Fulp part was hilarious until he fired his lazors.
Anyway, good vid, keep it like that. NG related jokes are always awesome, you should do more about other NG users (like this one with the Charlie creator, but you don't necesarely need to insult the user). Aaaaaaaaanyway, happy Pico Day.

Samination responds:

Haha. Yeah, i was probably a little to harsh on the Unicorn guy. :P



......You too?!?!?!...

did you intend to end the flash with cock jokes and shoop da whoop? because only a finger full of people would find it funny. other than that, this flash was pretty funny

Samination responds:

This will be the only episode to reference cock jokes and lazors. Each episode will make fun of a different NG trend, joke, and/or animator.