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Reviews for "Life in the Portal: Pico"

Pico Pico PiCO PIcO pICO!

Yup, and I won 25,000 dollars!
Ffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh ! -blast-


funniest part had to be when he went all SHOOPP DA WHHOOOP


don't talk bad about the pico, WWWWOOOOOOOW. I LUV IT!!!! :D

Samination responds:


Good, Great, God-like, Sexy, ect.

it's crap! I kid, I kid :3 I love this video, but unfortunately, I must blam (again with the jk) <3

life in the portal:video from tom's recycle bin

honestly from your first video i would have expected this to be a little better, but seeing how your character is suppose to be a bad newgrounds movie make I can't give it that bad of a score, i only give this a 7 instead of 8 or 9 though because i think you shoud have at least put something better for a pico day movie rather than just coughing

Samination responds:

Yeah, I had to rush this one a little bit to get it out on time. Maybe you'll enjoy the next one more! ; )