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Reviews for "Life in the Portal: Pico"

Ingenious as Always

Great addition to the series, I laughed a lot at the common dilemma with all themed flashes. The enthusiasm followed with with the classic "What's a...?" line was cliche, though I laughed at it, and the end result of his boredom and banning for being too formal was one of the best gags. I'm pretty sure he's accomplished Turd of the Week which technically counts as an award which is part of his dream, right? The extra flash loading issues and Newgrounds trends (penis jokes) were hilarious, too.

The animation and art style was pretty great, and the sketched outlines and deformed appearances really helps with the cartoon feel along with the music choices and sound effects you used.

I hope another part of this series comes along, as I really like your concept of portraying the average Newgrounds artist in the natural habitat of artists.

Samination responds:

Thanks! Glad you like it. It may be a while until another comes out though as I have some other stuff lined up first.

Nice! congrats for the 5th place!

i liked the part where "banana hair" shoop the whooped XD!~ and you did make use of changing the bad words into some what like very weird words just to censore the words that they are saying thats very smart of you. and congrats again on the 5th place.

Samination responds:

Hahah. Yeah. It makes the bad words more interesting. Ry was actually screaming FUUUUULP, but you don't get to hear the end. XD


HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA so funny i would die hahaahhahaha!

Samination responds:

:D Tanks!


Lol. I love this Life in the portal series. I also saw your video on making it on Ustream. Alot of hard work and effort was used I see. Anyway make more I love this.

Samination responds:

Awesome you saw the live show! I hope to have more soon.


Summary says it all.