Reviews for "Life in the Portal: Pico"


Nicely done Sam and Feuse.
The cock joke ending was pretty funny along with FFFFFFFFLAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHH
It was well animated and the art style was pretty good although it could have been cleaned up a little. The voice acting was also good it wasn't scratchy or to loud/quiet. Keep it up you fucking snork you.

fulp you = ROFL

awesome flash beyond all reason! I can't pick just one favorite joke because I'm still laughing at them all XD

My favorite Pico Day 2009 flash.

This flash was so funny with the many inside jokes and that little sarcastic guy with the skull head shirt,the voice acting was spectacular and there was so many moments in this flash that had me dying in laughter whether it was the Mindchamber ban or the main guy's flash getting blammed while the little guy's flash got 1st place and won $25,000 it all fit perfectly and the end with Tom was hilarous as was this flash,this has to be the funniest submission on Pico Day bar none.

pico = dick

tom repeating "pico" at the end is funny cause pico es spanish for "dick" ahahah how inmature :3 , great cartoon! you win again

Samination responds:

I've been told that Pico means birds bill in Spanish. :/


someone else who also thinks charlie the unicorn is a rip
off aqua teen hunger force. i like ATHF but i hate CTU.
this was great man! cock jokes always make first place round here...

Samination responds:

Honestly, that's what CTU reminds me of. (However, I think CTU is better than ATHF). But you have to admit his main character sounds and acts much like Karl.