Reviews for "Life in the Portal: Pico"


Ry? I think you mean WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

No, jk...But seriously, it was pretty funny, kinda 4th-wallish with the Pico cartoon about making a Pico cartoon. Deserves the front page tho, <3

Brocks cartoon was awesome!

Lol great job ebola,you got some funny stuff. Its also fun watching you animate on your super mega costly drawing computer thingy, on the live chat. Can't wait till the next episode!

Samination responds:

A live show viewer! Woo! Happy you liked it. :P

Oh god

my favorite pico day flash yet, great job. hilarious!

Samination responds:

Thank you! :D


amazing xD make me lmao

Samination responds:

Glad you liked it!

HA freaking funny man!

FUUUUUU was one of my favorite lines

Samination responds: