Reviews for "Life in the Portal: Pico"


one of the best NG flashes ever! :D jokes were funny, animation was gr8 and the ending was the best!

Samination responds:

Ever?! O__O


I really liked the style and found lots of the jokes funny. I especially laughed at the end. Hope you make more soon! :D

Great just great.

Im very impressed with your jokes and connection with Newgrounds! I love you animation and jokes are just LOL. Good Job man im looking forward of your flashes in the near future.

Samination responds:

Thanks!! I released one today! :P You should check it out!

Chick.... Chikachika!!

I love this. You should really keep this series going. The series is just as good, if not, better than, Egoraptor's videos! I hope to see many more soon!

Samination responds:

I wish I was as good as him! XD

Fantastic Story

I genuinely found it really fun - and its nice to see a hilarious video that needed to be too violent or anything (although a bit of brutal leg snapping is great imo).

I liked your style of drawing too, and ists surprising consistency- well done.

Samination responds:

Awesome! Thanks you sir.