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Reviews for "Pico Heads To Camp"


man that was great! that fautzo kids part was a piece of shit, but everything else was great!

idiot-monarch responds:

I don't even know why I let him make a part ;)


That was very nice. The one eye part was pretty lousy lol. No offense, just needed a little more time spent I think. But I liked the thing anyway, cool colors and music and overall A GOOD SATURDAY NIGHT LAUGH(S?). Yeah.

idiot-monarch responds:

Thanks man.

I personally really like the one eye bit actually. It reminds me of one of those creepy cat clocks.

Neat collab

This was a solid collab for Pico Day 2009 though all the skits we're just little loops they we're fun to watch and we're animated very well even a couple ones we're quite funny,great job everyone.

idiot-monarch responds:


Also, sorry for being a grammar nazi, but we're=we are, were= past form of is.


nath's part was definatley my favorite, and peters too.

good stuff

idiot-monarch responds:

yeah dude, shame you didnt participate :C

It's a Pico

The best one was Austin's one. But in overall all were cool.

idiot-monarch responds: