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Reviews for "Pico Heads To Camp"

A simple but good Pico collab

Well all of the shorts were animated pretty well all of them lacked any point.
Still A pleasant collab.
idiot-monarch and nathaniel milburn's were the best of them.
The easter eggs were easy to find and dissapointing.

idiot-monarch responds:


Too bad you didnt like the easter eggs :c


"It's Pico day bit*h" xD noth special dude. Just... random flashes..

idiot-monarch responds:

pretty much

how to find the 2 easter eggs

the 1st one is hidden on pico's right eye and the 2nd one is on one of those slash thingys so i hope this helps!

idiot-monarch responds:

Don't spoil it :O

I watched this while...

I watched this while peeling dead skin off caused by a sun burn.

Peeling the skin was more entertaining and held my attention longer than this video.

idiot-monarch responds:

peeling skin is super fun though.


pretty horses ^.^

idiot-monarch responds: