Reviews for "Escape Pico's School"


was that a pico zombie in the credits

14hourlunchbreak responds:

him and the goth kid were just things I made out of boredom. At first, the goth kid was going to be the last master, but Pico Day came by so quickly that I had to remove him at the last second.

walkthrough and the password ^^

get out side ur room, try to go left to get an achievement, then go right until u see an fire extinguisher, go right and then go to the blue toilet, talk to the guy and now leave, go left in till you see brown door, go in it and get the letter on the other side of the Liberian to get the letter, dont touch the red lines! now got to the final locker you see, the code is 3781 get the key, go to the janitors closet touch the yellow now go to the pink girl, now go to the thing that says touch me! now go to the principle and talk to him, and now got to the door he was looking at and thats it! if you want the final achievement keep on going through the credits and stop at nothing! when you're in the white background, there cames up a somewhat thing hand pointing it top of it. it's in the end of points of the word 'the end'.

password... u want to really know?


u see doggies ^^ i hope i didn't take your fun out, but you did read this! even when u know this has the walkthrough. hehe.


sorry what is the extra page?


Everybody is saying how the graphics sucked, but I actually liked the whole 8-bit adventure kind of feeling. It goes great with the music too, and it's a lot easier drawing stuff when you don't have to greatly detail it too. Great game, worth the play, it's about as fun as Pico's normal school day game, thing. lol

P.S: Dots don't discourage me, I'm the kind of person who keeps on going, and going, and going until my character stops walking. lol


i think the pixel is great.