Reviews for "Escape Pico's School"

oh my god...

that was fantastic. and they're very cute. for some reason they remind me of ein from cowboy bebop... <.<'

I agree with milinko

It was really easy, but it was fun. I feel bad for anyone who didn't get to see the extras.

(title in work)

This was a very fun game. I am a fan of the pixilated graphics. They are definitely a unique touch when everything on NG seems to be about flashy graphics. The gameplay was simple, yet fun and I had fun playing through. The achievements are just a sweet bonus for this. The secret code was pretty fun too!

The End...................................

Yeah, awesome! :D

Really like the pixel art, hope to see more.

Awesome Game!

I give you a nine cause the original idea was not yours.
Anyways cool game. I liked the medals. You modified it.

SERIOUSLY?: Click on the locked door in the hall.
SPARE TIME: Keep walking in the end. Do NOT enter the door.

The secret code is "doorpunch". Dogs... so many of them...

14hourlunchbreak responds:

Suddenly, dogs, thousands of them. :3
Thanks for the review.