Reviews for "Escape Pico's School"

Secret Path Uncovered?

Fun game. I've noticed that when you're walking through the credits you can click the semi-burned Principal. Does that have to do with anything about the Secret Path? I'm also curious about that red thing behind Nene in the game. Do those two things have to do with the secret path? Just curious.

14hourlunchbreak responds:

Wow... that's weird. No, that doesn't have anything to do with the secret. Even I didn't know that. :P

Also, that's not the principal, it's my pixelated version of the goth kid from Picos School that I never used.

good game

im so stupid i couldnt find what to use to put out fire then i found fire hydrent. nice dogs by the way


ur dog is so cute! btw i beat the game


i didnt really like it other than the references, and point and clicking...

When darnell says that there is something on the mirror click the red on the right faucet then click the blue... the hot then cold makes the OTHER mirror show words somehow...

so easy....

4 wieners who dont know d locker code yet its 3781 then u get a key which leads to janitor's closet