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Reviews for "Escape Pico's School"

good game

im so stupid i couldnt find what to use to put out fire then i found fire hydrent. nice dogs by the way


ur dog is so cute! btw i beat the game


i didnt really like it other than the references, and point and clicking...

When darnell says that there is something on the mirror click the red on the right faucet then click the blue... the hot then cold makes the OTHER mirror show words somehow...

so easy....

4 wieners who dont know d locker code yet its 3781 then u get a key which leads to janitor's closet

so easy and fun! makes time go by fast.

How to beat: First, go to the boys bathroom. ask darnell if you can use the lighter. he says no unless you give him the answer key. now go to the teacher's lounge and avoid the teacher's sight. go get the test. now go back to darnell and he'll give you the lighter. go right until you see the last gray locker. open and you find a box. click it then put in 3781. get the key and go to the janitors closet and get the pixel coin. now go to nene and get paper. go to the trash can and burn the paper. go to the principals office and tell him there is a fire. he will go and you go to credits. you have completed it. Medals: 1. click the front door. 2. get in the janitors closet. 3. start a fire. 4. at credits, keep on going right until you see a zombie pico coin. click it. There you go!