Reviews for "Escape Pico's School"


if you really are having trouble here is some help
1. medals: seriously: click on the front door of the school (the one with the locks)
spare time: keep going past the credits(it will take some time for this one and don't go into the door that says north it will restart the game.)
what's that smell: get into the janitors closet (last gray locker, open it and click on green box password: 3781)
fire starter: get the paper from nene and the lighter from darnell and go to the trash can that says click me to start the fire


I love this game, I love the CORGIS!!!! thing and what do I do for the Seriously? achievement? best game ever.


Umm how do you start the fire i got the lighter and paper now what?

good game

if its posible ill give u a 100000000000000000000000\10

i like it

i got all medals and even sparetime