Reviews for "Escape Pico's School"

It's pretty good!

Not bad, not bad. The aftermath of the massacre at pico's school was way more calm than I expected. Pretty short game though, and easy. And the credits won't roll at the last part, : (. Anyway, pretty decent game though man. Nice job!

Nice dog

but i didnt like the graphics too much




GREAT GAME! But I never found the utility of the fire extinguisher. The game was Ok but it was too short...

What on earth were you thinking

You put no effort into this did you. The gameplay is awkard, the graphics are rubbish. I almost didn't get further than the entrance hall before I clicked cross because the music was so very annoying and dull. This game annoys and infuriates me with its pure crapiness and I usually love puzzle games. You can see exactly how it was designed by glancing at that, thats the sign of a poorly designed game. I don't know what you were thinking, you've really let yourself down.