Reviews for "Escape Pico's School"

im really onfused someone plz help!

good game but im lost how do u beat it?i got 2 da part where darnell gives u da lighter and says theres something wrtten on da mirror, whats he talking about? and also whats the combination 2 da green box thing?

Money disappears...

When I get the money to give to Nena it never actually appears in my inventory, and then I can't give it to her... so I'm stuck :(


A ten for Corgis. This was a nice twist on Tom Fulp's Beloved Pico's School. The custom sprites were great too, it didn't remind of all the bland and shitty sprites that are out there. It wasn't really sprites if you think about just the 8-bit or N-bit style of the animation. I got the medals like a normally do cheating roflamo. Your Ma and Pa must be proud teim 4 the klawk dai and Madness submissions, right.

FUCKING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the fucks the combination code!

Those were by far the greatest.....

Extras ever.