Reviews for "Darnell's Recount"

Similur to Street Fighter and Rocko's Modern Life.

This is an awesome game. The art work alone is really impressive but I didn't expect the game play to be equally as good. Easy to do combos < left > right SMACK! I also enjoyed the game difficulty, not too hard but still quite challenging.
If this game was a bowl of onion soup then I would slurp it down delightfully. YUM.

Pretty tough

Well, at least the first time around. By the second time,you knew all the boss attack and movement patterns and it's far easier. It took me two times to get all the medals, and it got really boring the second time. You fight the same things over and over exactly the same as the first time.

The animation has a very unique style to it, and I kind of liked it, yet felt it's a little too warped for me. The music was pretty fitting for the game. For the character movement though, you tend to slide way too much and it's hard to control. Also, you only really needed to mash the S button through the whole game. Just saying only one attack button was really needed and the combos were not worth the effort to use.

Ok, here are some bugs. I found that when I was near full health, and was hit by the final boss, I was instantly brought down to no health. Now, this only happened once, but I was very annoyed. Also, when you fall through the floor, I actually fell through the SECOND floor. Now, this may have been because I had moved when falling. So I had to fight the last boss by jumping under him and holding A.

But, what kind of a game is perfect? I still think overall it deserves a 5/5 and 10/10.

ItsTheAshtray responds:

Ah, yeah. That health problem came up once or twice on me too. I've been trying to figure that one out. As for the floor issue, that's big news to me and I'm looking into it right now. Thanks for the notifications :)


honestly i think this was a great game and i made an account just to write a review

ItsTheAshtray responds:

Hey, nice! :D


great game/coding/art
couldn't get the "must be the afro"


This game was kinda hard for me, until I figured out the fighting technique. I also figured where the secret areas are, so I didn't had any problems from then on. It was still just the right difficulity, and I managed to get all the medals.