Reviews for "Darnell's Recount"


I enjoyed this game quite a bit. The only real criticism I have it's that it's really easy, but I don't mind easy games I'm a sally and if it's too hard I'll usually just give up, lol.

The music was awesome for one, and all the sound effects you used were appropriate.

The art was really good, and super weird. All the animation was pretty good as well. The whole game was well thought out and I liked the pause menu - complete with a combo list and mute option. The bosses were rather entertaining and the secret areas were neat, although I couldn't find them all...think I must be missing just one, no clue where it's at though because the others were really obvious.

I enjoyed playing this, and getting all the medals except one. Keep up the good work.

great :)

funny game, well-done and interesting art. Music is perfect for the game.
It does get a little repetitive though.


It's a fine game, I enjoy the artwork but otherwise it's nothing to write home about.

good game

the game is good,funny enemies,maybe a little to easy,and the art is so weird!


man put a checkpoint in some parts of the game