Reviews for "Darnell's Recount"

this game was pretty fun.

it also taught me that I play better when I know I cant die XD

Very impressed

Ok first off the game is fun the medals make it even more fun and entertaining, so the downloading time is abit much though, now 9 megabites is not bad but just took me a bit to load maybe have some sorta mini game to play while its loading something that doesnt take up alot of room but just enough size to be in there so one can pass the loading time, just another option for other users and such. Ok so once i get into the game, it was fun even loved the starting page lots of good artwork and nice style on that by the way, even some good music, as the game progresses the artwork grows on you, as for the gameplay its pretty smooth and responds pretty well, and i really love the addition of the medals as that makes this game much more fun and entertaining, so props on all those elements. Also more props on showcasing another member from picos crew, you dont see much of the others besides pico himself so nice job. So the game mechanics of the way he attacks and moves and stuff were differant from the normal but overall it was unique and differant fun though, so all and all i had fun with this game, very entertaining, i really enjoyed it.

I suggested an option for a mini game for the loading time on the larger files, maybe make a harder version as it did seem somewhat easy.

Fun newgrounds related game.

The game is alright, but the art style is great.

I did enjoy the game, but not that much. The music is annoying and repetitive and the controls are awkward and sometimes the combos aren't responsive. The graphics are alright, and the art style is weird. It reminds me of Superjail, and in that respect, the art is awesome. That is definitely the strength of the game. It's not necessarily a bad game, but I've played better. Overall, I think it would benefit from a better combo system and more variety, since the game is pretty repetitive.

Once again though, the art style kicks ass.

An awsome game

I really enjoyed this game. its a well developed beat-em-up title with challenging goals. Not to big a fan of the art style but that just my preference.

Darnell's Recount

Okay im going to be honest. Darnell's Recount i dont really like it. its repeatitive. same attacks until you get the special which is meh. the artowrk is awesome i would say. but the game is pretty lame. 2/10 1/5.