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Reviews for "WDMCOFITT"

was ok

freaked me out abit when i saw my name at the end


Helpful for my 9th grade class, but probably could've added some war violence...
And it was disturbing to see my username up at the end...
Still, I thought it was good!

lol That's my name.

Cool informations, and you used my name, that got some major bonus points.

interesting, but...

text changes to fast, this can be a problem to people with not-so-good english, it could be easier to enjoy this flash if the text would be continued with a mouse click, just like you progress to the next explenation

no eyecandies in this submission, but this is not a problem at all so it's okay :]

and finally... you could add some music background with option to mute it, every modern flash should have some music and/or sounds