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Reviews for "WDMCOFITT"


I surely learned!
Its funny i just watched full metal jacket last night so i had this info
really stucked in my mind, and well as they say it golden boy
"this is so educational" LOL.
Nice detail the user recognition.

thanks i did learn something

the only thing i can say that you can improve on would to perhaps have some background music playing

Only did some parts define on country

I'm sure there wouldn't be a hassle to cite Explanation 1, i was a child once to put my opinion out there (on my part of this non offense) corporal punishment is a good way to ease me back on track when i was young, but i had good parents and inevitably I'm on this website, but with good judgment.


Liked how there were some good info on WW1. This could probably help people for school or something.
Remember to have correct grammar in there.
Also, howd you put peoples username in the end??

Afro-wolf responds:


Put in a dynamic text box's Var field.


I liked this. It was informative and still entertaining. Hopefully this wasn't blamed and I also hope you get/got a good grade. But I do have to admit that seeing my name pop up at the end still scared me a little, I know it was just part of the code to use the username of whoever is logged in but it still gave me that paranoid feeling that that someone is watching me. O_o
Anyway thanks for the flash.