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Reviews for "I hate whales 4"

Ah, boy

Well, I was impressed by this and while I'm not a fan of your "I hate whales" series, I'm at least a fan of you and can appreciate all the silly things you put in your flashes. I, for one, thought it was awesome how you drew the whales (they really do look more like sharks!). At first I was thinking that a whale was killed by the bomb, but I don't think that place was around the sea so you may be right! The Japanese did in fact hunt whales in those days.

i love the voices!

really! only those nasti skeptics would doubt the truth about those evil jap-bombing whales!!


i want that shirt! my sis loves whales, heheheh..

I don't understand...

But the bit where the whale
was flying, not in the olane and
he said they kill Japs looked cool.


Man! What a lunatic idea! hahaha great, if one whale disapear, its OBSVIOUSLY that whale was driving the plane with the two nuclear bombs! so logicaly crazy!hahahaha! how u had this idea?