Reviews for "Angrai Faic Rampage!!"


Lol its entertaining good job for first game :)

Score 553 :P


- Shawn

TheShyGuy responds:

fckin awesome dude!

Pretty good.

Graphics were kinda good, altho, when I reached around 5000 score firefox lagged out and shur down. Got a really good graphics card and generally a good computer so I don't think it's that. Still entertaining so 4/5.

TheShyGuy responds:

What seriously? firefox died when you got 5000 score?
lololol. Ill look into this.


Nothing much to say really considering how little there is to do in the game but it does do the job with the entertainment department.

The music fit perfectly with the images of the game.

And your first game? Awesome job!

TheShyGuy responds:

Thanks! I tried to get it so the music went well ;)

different :D

I agree with others.
A) you should have an effect when you kill a smiley face and
b) there should be some kind of strategy or obstacle to move around :D

TheShyGuy responds:

I will do that for the sequal :D, i did try to make an effect but it kinda failed and made it lag like a beast

not bad

better than i could do for a first game, and btw just a bug notice, when i got to the end in regular mode with the replay option, etc, there were still faces floating by, reg mode needs a bit more story possibly and a bit longer :DD

TheShyGuy responds:

KK will do so in the sequal