Reviews for "Angrai Faic Rampage!!"


Animation : ... (not a movie)
Originality : 9/10
Storyline : 9/10 (just a generic but a good generic)
Quality : 9/10 (just a lag if you are too many "smileys")
Total : 9/10
Good ! keep the good work !

time to point a glitch

when I get out of endless mode, the faces keep coming and coming. Great game 9/10 5/5

TheShyGuy responds:

Thankee ;)! i am already aware of this glitch tho. I think ill keep it in for EXTRA MENU FUN! lololol


It was a fun game. very different.

TheShyGuy responds:



played on normal mode when the round ended i could stil reck up my score with the faces that kept flying by.
great way to kill a few minutes

TheShyGuy responds:

Thanks ;)

Kinda like it...

This reminds me a lot af that Dodeo game thing, but is nice, that was extremly addictive; I thing this game can be done better if you just add online scores.

Also!, I think I have detected a little bug, it seems that when you are about to end, and then you press the right click, the faces will continue coming until you began another level.

TheShyGuy responds:

Srs? some testing is needed i think. BRB!