Reviews for "Angrai Faic Rampage!!"


Nothing much to say really considering how little there is to do in the game but it does do the job with the entertainment department.

The music fit perfectly with the images of the game.

And your first game? Awesome job!

TheShyGuy responds:

Thanks! I tried to get it so the music went well ;)


this is well made for your first game. the game itself, althogh slightly reppetitive, is very entertaining. the graphics are well made and I LOVE DESTROYING THE HAPPY SMILES WITH THE RED FIST OF POWAH!!!!!!1!!1!#@ *twitch* *twitch*

...ahem, well, a very nice game, and a good addition on Pico day. 5/5 10/10

TheShyGuy responds:

Lololol. Thanks ;)


605 on normal... great game lol, the intro was funny... reminded me of the sirtom93 incident XD

TheShyGuy responds:

Lolol, just thought of that


It is awesome! Not for gameplay, more because of graphics, but there should be a quality button, because it tends to lag a little.

TheShyGuy responds:

There was originally a quality button at the start, but alas, i had to replace it with the pico day preloader.

Pretty good.

Graphics were kinda good, altho, when I reached around 5000 score firefox lagged out and shur down. Got a really good graphics card and generally a good computer so I don't think it's that. Still entertaining so 4/5.

TheShyGuy responds:

What seriously? firefox died when you got 5000 score?
lololol. Ill look into this.