Reviews for "Angrai Faic Rampage!!"

simple fun

This is just awesome simple fun

TheShyGuy responds:

woot ty |:)

Could be better

Nice for a first flash, but this could still use a lot of work.
Graphics are nice, but I hated how in the game the redfist kind of blended in with the background, making it kind of hard to see.
Music is nice, nice choices you got there.
The gameplay is really repetitive and you could just frantically move the mouse back and forth. No real strategy there. Add some obstacles with the ability to move, more variety of smilies, and it would be cool to add it so you can move him.

TheShyGuy responds:

kay. will do in de sequal. Thanks for putting time in your review.


hey the endless thing dont supose to be endless, and theres an end button.

haha just saing i rated 10/10 but giveme an useful sign.


hahaaaaa nice man

TheShyGuy responds:


Kinda like it...

This reminds me a lot af that Dodeo game thing, but is nice, that was extremly addictive; I thing this game can be done better if you just add online scores.

Also!, I think I have detected a little bug, it seems that when you are about to end, and then you press the right click, the faces will continue coming until you began another level.

TheShyGuy responds:

Srs? some testing is needed i think. BRB!