Reviews for "Angrai Faic Rampage!!"


this might give some people a seizure!

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everyone must pay for nothing!!!!!!! DIE

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not bad

better than i could do for a first game, and btw just a bug notice, when i got to the end in regular mode with the replay option, etc, there were still faces floating by, reg mode needs a bit more story possibly and a bit longer :DD

TheShyGuy responds:

KK will do so in the sequal

different :D

I agree with others.
A) you should have an effect when you kill a smiley face and
b) there should be some kind of strategy or obstacle to move around :D

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I will do that for the sequal :D, i did try to make an effect but it kinda failed and made it lag like a beast

I think you misspelled agnry...

It was a good game, but there should be some kind of effect when you destroy a smiley face. Also, I'm pretty sure he's Agnry Faic, not Angrai Faic.

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