Reviews for "Arty In Space"

My god..

Anyone who voted 5 on this really judged it by the icon..

I thought I had feces on my monitor

but it turns out it was just this flash, stopped at the hobo too, blnt. work on the overall quality of every aspect.


no offense dude.......but it disgust me to see this piece of fuck got daily feature.....I admitted your luck is good but you flash is fucked man.....this flash shall be my favorite just to remind me that how fuck up the 04/25/2009 was.....

Animation - Fuck
Voice - Annoying
Innovation - Are you kidding me?
Creativity - A fucktards and a bunny in space? I don't think so

And lastly...please reply...why do you even bother this crap??
(A crippled dog was masturbating to this piece of fuck....guess it have some value for retard)


i agree with avenger510.. could not stand waching it too the very end.. i just wanted it too stop.
and unless you improve your skills and originality .. you shouldn't even bother too uppload the sequel show it too your mom and be happy with that responce.

Not good

April 25, 2009 must have been a terrible day. If this piece of shit was the best movie...