Reviews for "Pokemon Master ep6"

Very random.

I will get my revenge on you, Magikarp! Someday but not today.
That really struck me as funny!

You sure like that taunt attack

Nice installment, glad to first see Gary in one of these flashes. Nice voice acting on him by the way.
Great graphics and animation, the battles keep on improving as well as the humor.
I felt it was a little rushed though: less than 5 seconds after he left the lake, he was battled. Add some more storyline or something.


Sorry to push it, but Dark is super effective against Ghost. o3o Fighting and Normal are not super-effective. ^^

Still, awesome job indeed!

why new pants?

purple is the color of pimp!


I don't think I've ever seen anyone, pimps included, wearing purple pants

The Metapod is Emo!

...and apparently the Hitmontop is a Cpt. Falcon allegory, but I digress. Nice work once again, dude.