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Reviews for "Monster Doodles Vol 1"

God damn! These are all so creative and well made, I don't even know where to start. The palettes are vibrant and look amazing, and the creative shape of each monster makes them stand out, at least compared to other designs I've seen. The only problem I have (and I always bring this up, believe me) is that they're not really placed into an interesting environment. There really ain't no background to speak of, which is a bit of a shame, but honestly I think the designs are so good that it kinda makes up for it. Great work dude!

Cool monsters! your work dude is awesome

Wow, awesome creature designs. Love your colors!

classy, you are a true concept artist :D

Every single one of these is super dope in their own way, I love it! Some are weird, some are cute, some are creepy, and they all have personality. I particularly love the bottom left bumble bomber. He looks so smug sitting on his big, deadly butt.