Reviews for "Barbarian Bob [Remake]"

Poor Fighting Gameplay

The graphics are descent (for Barbarian Bob Syle)
The gameplay plain sucks, I'm sorry. The guards swing wayyyy too fast and trap you in a cycle where you can not attack back or block.

It has potential, but the fighting was horrible.

Skribble-Style responds:

The guards have timers that make them give you enough time to either shield or parry. If you keep getting hit, try changing the timing of YOUR attacks to throw off their rhythm.

Pretty cool!

One minor thing: Sometimes the guards can attack you, but you can't attack them. It's like they constantly block, and you can't block back.

Good game

Just had to fix in a preloader, so all the stinky impatient guys would've known when the game is finished loading (IT DOES, JUST WAIT ^^ )


A good game, the combat system could be improved


i'm voting 10 because i am sure that's a good game,but it dosen't opened...
i hope you fix it