Reviews for "Barbarian Bob [Remake]"


once i defeated the king nothing happened i was sitting there for about 5 minutes then i quit :(

it was ok

but still fun


i like it ;)


The game is great but it needs some polishing. Buying armors, shields and weapons would be a great addition and would make the gold you gather have some use. (Also a option to go back to your cave and then go back to the place you were in would be good.)

Very good but Very glitchy

for starters the animation, arts, secret, storyline and Music/Sound wore very good and second IT HAS HUGE GLITCHES
-I can't pass with the terrance on stage 3
-Sometimes even with the shield you can get hit
and some other ones that i forgot

btw a funny story happen to me today
I die trying getting the Invincibob medal and when i finish the game without dieying, i got Invicibob with the Savage speed medal

i found out when i looked at my userpage Lol

Good Work! :D
9/.10 (i was going to give a 9 but the glitches wore very disturbing)