Reviews for "Shinland"

Very, VERY good!

Great game, great music, great graphics, the gameplay was simple and fun. The controls easy. It was really entertaining... too bad it was so short... I beat it and was left for wanting more... I hope you continue on with a larger game or a longer sequel... GREAT WORK! PROPS!

bennywong3011 responds:

thank you I appreciated it

Very nice!

A great game from beginning to end. One problem, though: it's a bit sort. If you could make more chapters, you'd have an amazing series.

It looks nice

I'll give you an 8 for the effort, but the game feels a lot like Maple Story.

I was on my way to town when a red tomatoe killed me... i respawned in town and when i "fell" in the store where the monkey is, i couldn't get out...

but the little i played i could say it was a good game.

Sure, it needs some work, but it can be a hell of a game when it's completely done.

Jesus dude

You've submitted this like 30 times, edit your previous files.

cool game

not a bad game didnt finish and also reminds me of maplestory!