Reviews for "Shinland"

Really good.

It was really well animated, programmed and produced. I loved the RPG elements in it, such as the health bar and mana bar, and the leveling system.

bennywong3011 responds:

thanks i appreciated it

Not bad

A decent enough game. The falling acceleration is too extreme, it's annoying that you have to click to progress dialog instead of just pressing the interaction button, the game is pretty simple, and it's extremely irritating that even when I said I don't want to learn about knife throwing I still had to sit through the blabbering about it. Other than that it's an alright game.


it kind of reminds of maplestory a little bit, but it's still a great game.

A great game, but needs to be longer.

I think it's a great game and has a great potential as a series. Make more parts to it, and maybe make them a little longer. Otherwise, this was an awsome game.

i liked it!

i gave u an eight because it was a nice simple fun game but the boss could have been a bit stronger so............. other than that it was really good

bennywong3011 responds:

Yea i tried making him stronger but two things im bad at programming is physics and enemy Ai