Reviews for "Prostitute Mickey 2 1/2"

Awesome... but

who does mickey's voice anyway?

Jonnyethco responds:

I do the voice of Mickey and Goof. :)

I smoked it!

Ha! That was freaking hilarious! Keep em' coming mick!

bless you man

"the okey dokey" part always gets me :p damn how did u come up with goofy he's the most f'cked up char parody ive ever seen! i mean seriously, smoke a film?? haha wtf man

XD, thank you.

Once again you have out done yourself. Everything was perfect down to the 'T.' However the shortness of this episode was a little unexpected. Maybe for your third episode you could have; Daisy and Minnie talk about what went wrong in Minnie's relationship with Mickey, Show how Goofy's life spiraled into the toilet, or have Donald come in and go on a quest to find Daisy. Something like that.

Anyways terrific job and keep up the HARD work.


At the Moment, this is my favorite Newgrounds series. I love Goofys voice XD

@zagorsk its not called steamboat larry, its steamboat willy