Reviews for "Prostitute Mickey 2 1/2"


I really like goofy! "Next years gonna be a good one! He-yuck no it isn't!"

very funny

I know I mentioned this in an earlier post, but your goofy voice is right on the money! What I enjoy more than the story itself is the little mannerisms of mickey and goofy...mickey always sighing "ohhh...." and goofy's "he-yuck, see ya later mick". along with the animation it really is enjoyable to watch.


a bit of laughter there


Good animation, very funny humour and the series completely craps on Walt Disneys work. All good things in my book, you thought bout mocking other animators? Its just its good right now but it could get old if you do up to like prostitute mickey 6. I mean for example, the simpsons. It was great at first but you can tell its running low an ideas in the end and can anyone honestly say they haven't turned over to Family Guy as soon as that bloody theme tune started? Theres a leason there kiddies, nothing lasts forever... and if it does it should be burned.


Great job w/ this one. It was good. I found the second one to be a little funnier, but I still think it was f****** awesome. 10/10 5/5