Reviews for "Prostitute Mickey 2 1/2"


depressing yet hilarious


The most hilarious and depressing perversion of my childhood memories. Keep it up.

Damn those deadlines

It was a nice short Appsro an entertaining as all your work has been. Only reason why i'm giving it a 10 and not a 9.5 its only whole numbers. ONLY because the animation was rough compared to your normal work. However I completely understand with such deadlines everything couldn't be perfected as it probably could have been.

So to cramp what you did is pretty good considering and hope to hear how you did in a later update if possible.

A much needed pill

Thank you for making these cartoons, it's just what i need after being cheated out of my money by my idiot professer

Very Funny

I look forward to your films everytime, but specifically this series; its enteraining so please keep on raining Prosititute Mickey films.