Reviews for "Prostitute Mickey 2 1/2"

Good for it's purpose

I liked the second one the most. But seeing as this one was for the festival mainly, it was good for a short laugh. I like these characters, keep up the good work.


goofy's voice actor was fucking excellent

other than some nice lighting effects (i'm guessing you use AE if you're a motion graphic designer) the visuals werent spectacular

writing was kinda nice but imo the prostitute mickey concepts been run into the ground now! i did laugh at a few bits but the general concept should have just been a one-off.

keep animating

Not as Good as the last one

I Liked the previous one more , It was funnier , Darker and more awkward ... This one is OK But just not as good as the last one


that got a genuine laugh out of me, not one of those half laugh forced things, but one of the laughs that just come out and there is no stopping it... "lit it on fire and inhaled the fumes through my nose", f'n funny.

Are You Serious!?

"Yep, I'm pretty sure I lit it on fire and inhaled the fumes through my nose"

Epic, the series is great, always good for a laugh.