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Reviews for "Red Moon"

Awesome.... but it ended :<

It was awesome, good Graphics and really nice art. I only missed 3 things, more weapons like Armed with Wings 2, more combos or abilities and longer :< 9/10 5/5 keep up the good work and try to make us some more of this :)

Great job dude

The game was fun and challenging. I definately enjoyed it, as I did Armed With Wings 2. Not bad at all.

I have two issues. The first, is many of the jump on the Devil's hill stage are stiff or just plain impossible I've spent 1-4 minutes on some of them just repeating the jump till I finally make it. PLease work a little more on the jumps in the next game.

The second issue is weaponry and combos. I found the actual fighting part fun, but somewhat lacking. Extra attack types (like z for punch, x for kick, c for sword, etc.) would keep the heavy fighting stages fresh, and maybe unlockable weapons could be added. The special moves were quite amazing the first few uses. After doing it a few time, however, it was a tad dull, even annoying. The fact that the special bar is non-regenerating and that one speial uses it all can be cunter effective to the gameplay. Again, variety to the attack would be nice as well. Something like yourr last game might work.

Still, I found the game quite fun. The music worked amazingly well, and the graphics were probably the best I've seen for a game in Newgrounds. Exellent work, man. Keep these games coming!
9/10, 5 stars

nice but one problem

it is good but when you die with the menu up you can't try again so i suggest that when people bring up the menu the game pauses other than that great game


this game was really good but...
it was really long and u had no way of knowing how far u were other than YOUR HALFWAY
the knockback was crazy
there wasnt a kickass variaty of weapons like in aww2 which was great

but the specials were amazing mainly the jump special that anilated any enemy

Nicely made

One of the few games I've actually played through to completion recently.

The graphics were simple, but good. The animation was a bit skippy, but that's to be expected with frame-by-frame animation. The facial expressions seemed a bit... simple, in comparison with everything else. If those few points were refined then I think it'd be one of the best looking games on here.

The gameplay was simple but effective. I found myself just cornering enemies and button-bashing them to death (or just hitting them off of cliffs) more often than not - I hardly ever used the power attack. I think with a bit more depth, the combat would be more enjoyable. The platforming side of things was extremely simple, though it was enjoyable. It was a bit annoying at times, when I'd jump and the character would hit into the underside of a platform when it clearly wouldn't have hit it. Again, with more refining it would be more enjoyable.

Overall, a good game :)