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Reviews for "Red Moon"


its the best game i have ever played on newgrounds you are the best

Medals not updated.

As tygamer30 mentioned down below, there are still some issues with the medals.

A really good game in overall. I enjoy watching all the cutscenes. For the 'Orb Hunter' medal, I have to admit that I couldn't get both that medal and 'Red Moon Deity' at the same time. When I drop down a long tunnel, i'll tend to miss out some of the orbs and I have to retry the level again. Perhaps it's my gaming experience issues.

Such suspense at the ending cutscene. Good luck with the sequel!!

Amazing Art

The artwork in this was incredible !
My only complaint is that the controls weren't at there best, I think they should be more sensitive or something.
Overall great game.


it was a kewl game with a kewl soncept =3 the controls were a bit annoying tho lol they were a bit laggy lol If it weren't for that id give a 10


i played this on another sight!this would also do well as a movie.