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Reviews for "Red Moon"

Honestly, this game is just terrible, the voices didn't match at all, the jumping was just slightly too low to match up with most platforms, enemies too similar, most of them can just be pushed of edges... that's all I really care to list. I don't know what's harder, collecting all orbs/not dying or actually playing the game, jk that was rhetorical but, yeah, this game needs A LOT of work. It does have some potential though.

Animation and Fighting system is pretty cool and great.
But sometimes the movements/jumping ballance are kinda off and some maps are almost impossible to jumping around.

But yyyeeah! Still! I like this game

The animations are awesome, they look so awesome, i can't find another word except awesome :D

cool game :)

The enemies, even the boss aren't challenging and the movement isn't exactly smooth. When you attack, the player moves forward quite a bit which can be frustrating on platforms.

The death animation is slow,the enimes are all the same and the only reason objective i have seen so far is to collect the art and music,i didnt like it...sorry