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Reviews for "Red Moon"

Ugh. Just ugh.
I mean, I liked it.
The animations were nice, and Hawkin had a killer voice. Wish Lorde would've gotten one too.
But the mechanics were bull. It's so freaking slippery on every stage, it's unforgiving if you make the slightest miscalculation when jumping, and then there's Lorde himself.
The battle was bull.
There was one point where he used his ultimate, I ran to the other side of the stage, then I see his sphere attack coming, I duck, and then he's behind me, launching me straight into the sphere.
I think I fought him ten or so times before I figured out you have to corner rape him and run a short bit, allow him to teleport, and repeat.
The super was useless since it would knock him out of his range or he'd teleport most of the time.
Overall, it's a beautiful game.
It's just ridiculous in it's mechanics.

Good game but little too short

my friend i hope for your sake you do not stumble by a game titled dark souls then because if you find this difficult you have never known true frustration

I have to say, I was disappointed by this game. It starts of great, and quickly becomes reasonably challenging in an entertaining and fun way. However the end of the game, while still maintaining the status of challenging, loses the entertaining and fun part, replacing them with irritating and repetitive. For example the third to last room had a section at the end that was not just unforgiving, but practically unpredictable. Humans may have a fast reaction time, but seeing a seething horde of enemies below at what i believe to be the end of the level, and within less than half a second work out that I'm to use a heavy attack, and then another one again, is a little too hard for me. However, i could forgive this, simply thinking that i'm just not good enough, if it weren't for the freaking boss battle!

What's the problem with the boss battle? Well firstly, let me just say that I died more times in that boss battle than I did in the rest of the game put together! Why? Probably due to the almost undodgeable attacks and unclear strategy surrounding him. Compared to the other enemies in the game, the boss acts completely differently to all of them. There are generally two types of enemy in the game, fast weak ones, and slow strong ones. Although the first boss is both fast and has a lot of health, his attacks still do a reasonably small amount of damage. The final boss however, fires out attacks very quickly, that can take a large section of your health bar each time. This would be fine, however, as long as you could avoid or dodge them... oh...

There are only three attacks that seem to have this problem, the ball of energy, the close range energy blast, and the teleport attack. All of these attacks, if released at close range, are fast enough to hit you if you begin an attack even before he begins his. This brings a huge element of luck into the game every time you swing your sword at him. It may hit him and take down his health a little more, or it may end with you being slapped across the room, and there's no way to tell whether it is to be one or the other. This is bad enough, but I found that the energy ball attack was almost completely undodgeable. The others, as long as you saw them coming, could be dodged, however even if the ball was coming from the other side of the frame, it hit me almost every single time. At first I tried too jump over it, an attempt that would work fine if there wasn't a delay between the first and second jump. However i did discover that you could dodge under the attack. Well, as long as you weren't attacking. In that case the game would assume you were trying to do a heavy attack, and cause your character to stand up, exposing their face to a full blast of energy.

Finally, is it just me, or is the whole lightning whip attack a little irritating. All it does is break the flow of the fight and cause you to run and cower in the corner for a few seconds, after which half the time he would hit you with a teleporting attack that you couldn't see coming, as he initiates the damn thing off screen!

Games need difficulty curves, without them the game soon becomes repetitive and boring. However, the key word there is curve. Difficulty curve, not difficulty right bloody angle!

Once again I apologise, reminding the reader that I am not the best at this type of game. I wouldn't be so irritated if it hadn't been for the quality of the rest of the game. I had a great urge to complete the game, and unfortunately i found that I couldn't, and this more than anything else irritated me. It is however only the last fifth of the game, if that, and the rest is thoroughly enjoyable.

Now, I've spent ten minutes ranting on a review that I doubt anyone will ever read, and I'm still peeved about not being able to complete the damn game. If you'll excuse me, I need a large hot chocolate and a hug.

Graham Peters.

Did anybody notice that she is barefoot?
Why is she barefoot?

And now I know where The Auditor came from. This is his homeworld.
Nice game!