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Reviews for "Red Moon"

Very very nice

I like the art syle a lot, it is elegant and swift..it reminds me a bit of Straw Hat Samurai...
Anyway the controld are easy and comfortable, and congrats for adding the medals...
Now, there is a place where itis almost impossible to get your orbs..you have to jump to a platform and then get them by jumping from there..the thing is, that platform has also the "progress level" aura, so we can't possibly get them.
I would suggest having to press "enter" or something to advance..oh, and beating the game without dying is almost impossible, but it can be done with a lot of training..
So good job there...

Top-of-the-line platformer

Red Moon definitely is a top-of-the-line platformer. Great tutorial, gameplay, polished graphics and thoroughly tested pre-release (it seems: at least I couldn't find any bugs).

The multiple in-game graphic options are also cutting-edge as it eliminates the risk of lag for those with weaker hardware.

Congrats on a great game!