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Reviews for "Red Moon"

Great game

A traditional beat 'em up at heart (which never fails!!) with a little flair. Unfortunately I'm visually impaired and the background of level 11 is too dark for me to see anything, so I had to stop playing there. That doesn't take anything away from the game though.

Good, but...

It kinda felt as if the character moves just a little too slow for a samurai ninja person thing. But it was a great game

nice game

Cool story, nice art and good music

The only small critcism I have to add is the fact that the movement can be too 'slippery' at times. Other than that I found it incredibly entertaining.

beautiful as game

nice man, this was sick as, although only an 8 because it was often too easy to pin enemies in a corner and just thrash em down, or knock em straight off a ledge for instant kill. not necessarily a bad thing, but took away a lot of the challenge

nice game but

that **** i dont get my medals :/