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Reviews for "Red Moon"


This game looked so awesome epic graphics animation idea voiceacting but then the glitch would have given this a 10 but if i cant play it then ..... D:


this game rules i have beaten it before and got red moon deity...but that was before i made this account ^^; anyways amazing game way to go

Simple and Nice

I like the fact that you don't need mad skills to pass each levels, but I find really anoying the commercial in the middle of each levels, i can't see what i have to do in the important part of it. Anyways, really well made.

Have a nice day

not bad

not bad but not perfect the control glith is stupid the graphiscs are dumb and wel thats it

What happened?.?

I've played this games many times before, and it was never this glitchy. I'm still gonna give a good score, cuz I know how this really is. ^,^