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Reviews for "Red Moon"

the man on the beginning sounds like...

zabuza from naruto.... antone else hear the resemblance


you thats a ninja wong its a girl with awsome powers

This games visuals are amazing!

Your character is the kid from armed with wings mom right?


The style of the game, the delicate linework, was goregeous. The crispness of movement-granted, I'm on a 27 in. Macbeastington-was fearsome. The cutscene at the beginning? Granted, the art was a bit "I learned how to draw from a How-To-Draw-Manga book I bought at Borders for $20.00", but all things considered (and in comparison to a lot of flash art on Newgrounds) it was very, very good. The "stickiness" of the character to surfaces was perfect: not loose enough that it was exceptionally difficult, but not so easy that a complete moron could do it. Plot was good, kitschy but historically realistic in a way that isn't captured often. Very well done, 10/10.

%u2193 He's right. %u2193

I can't play this either, I can't select any options, the game somehow moves by itself without me turning any controls and whatnot. It has to be fixed.