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Reviews for "Red Moon"

Good game, but.

I like the game, but I feel terribly cheated by the ending. It's bullshit and makes me regret spending the time to beat the game, despite having fun along the way.

One point of gameplay that was kind of annoying was the sloped edges on the floating platforms that would cause me to fall off when I thought I made a solid landing.

Stylistically the game is good, even though enemies have too many hit points so killing them is a grind.

The music choices are great.

Very impressive

I was impressed by how a combat system that simple could still be fun. The game played very well. There were a couple of problems I had with it though.
a) The music, while good, didn't change nearly often enough, so it started sounding very repetative. Not a huge problem by any means, but it may be something to think about in the sequel.
b) The jumping felt a little iffy. This became a bigger problem in the second half, which had a much larger emphasis on platforming.

Overall though, great work, hope you make more.

Great game.

It was pretty fun, I played for long enough. The medals seemed unbelievably easy to get. The only real problem I had with this was the jumping, I found myself dropping a little short and it got me frustrated.

I like it!

very addicting, nice style and i loved that you used the silhouettes it made it feel dramatic. Overall great game!


nice art
lots of medals
controls arent the best, but pretty useable
good game overall